Mairtín Veiga - Translating Form: Some Examples from Iberian Poetry

As part of this poetry translation workshop we will examine different approaches to the translation of form, the diverse functions of rhyme and repetition, and some of the complexities associated with the translation of tone and ambiguity in poetry. The presence of animals and natural spaces is a prominent feature of some of the poems selected for the workshop, an aspect that will also be addressed following the focus of the festival on poetry and ecology. Although the examples discussed will be mainly from Galician, Portuguese and Spanish medieval poetry, no prior knowledge of any of these languages and literary traditions is actually required to participate in the workshop, which will be conducted in English. What we will discover will be relevant to translation from any language.


One session workshop, 9.15am – 11.15 am on Sunday 23rdJune.

Venue: Waterville GAA Rooms


Martín Veiga is a Cork-based Galician poet and academic. He is a lecturer in Hispanic Studies at University College Cork, where he also directs the Irish Centre for Galician Studies and co-convenes the research cluster Translation and Creative Practice. He is a member of the research group Crosswinds: Irish and Galician Poetry and Translation (Moore Institute, NUI Galway). His poems have been published in many journals and anthologies and he is the author of five poetry collections in Galician. Diary of Crosses Green(Francis Boutle Publishers), Keith Payne’s English translation of his latest collection, was published in 2018.