Niall MacMonagle - The pleasure of reading poetry

Niall Mac Monagle

'Everywhere I go, I find a poet has been there before me.' - Sigmund Freud

Poetry, for some, is an intimidating art form and this two-hour Poetry Reading Workshop is geared towards the reluctant, uneasy reader of poetry. Traditional and contemporary poems will be explored and poetry's essential qualities, its structure, music, originality, its word power, will be discussed. A sceptical Tolstoy thought 'writing poetry is like ploughing and dancing at the same time'. This workshop will consider the truth of that statement, will ask why poetry persists and examine what is, for some, poetry's enduring appeal.

Niall MacMonagle taught English to Leaving Cert for over thirty-five years. Editor of several poetry anthologies including Slow Time, The Open Door Book of Poetry, the Lifelines series, Windharp: Poems of Ireland since 1916, he is a frequent contributor to RTE Radio 1 and writes a weekly art column in the Sunday Independent. Awarded an honorary doctorate by UCD in 2017 for services to literature, he believes poetry, his favourite art form, is for everyone if only every one were to give it half a chance.

His Amergin workshop aims to bring you closer to poetry and in doing so capture poetry's power, its life force and pleasure.

One session workshop, 9.15 am – 11.15 am, Saturday 22ndJune

Venue: Waterville GAA Rooms