Seán Ó Laoghaire

As a teacher, storyteller, puppeteer, artist, but most of all, an igniter of the imagination! Seán is always coming up with new ideas for engaging people in the creative process and using that engagement to further their hunger for more education and community participation.

His main interest is in stories, mythology and folklore, giving audiences of adults and children alike, an introduction to an older culture as well as using these stories and myths as tools for making sense of today’s world and our place within it.

“My work at present, is trying to break through the Irish storyteller stereotype of all stories being funny.

I’m greatly influenced by the Dagda’s Harp, that not only made people laugh, but could make them cry or even be entranced.

Seán will read at The Anthony Clare Memorial Event on Saturday.

Seán Ó Laoghaire