Timothy O’ Neill Introduction to ‘Celtic’ Calligraphy Workshop

Tim O'Neill

Introduction to ‘Celtic’ Calligraphy Workshop

This workshop will teach a script similar to that used in Ireland for writing manuscripts such as the Books of Durrow and Kells. Although the focus will always be on practical writing skills, frequent reference will be made to the world of book production in early Christian Ireland. There will be instruction also, in simple design and layout and on matching decoration such as spiral and interlace patterns. No previous knowledge is required and calligraphy pens will be provided.

Workshop will run 9.30am – 11.15 am, Friday 21st– Sunday 23rdJune.

Venue: Waterville IRD Building

Tim O’Neill is a historian and calligrapher. His books include The Irish Hand –a study of the manuscript tradition in Ireland (1984) and Merchants and Mariners in Medieval Ireland (1987) and he is a contributor to A New History of Ireland published by the Royal Irish Academy.

Among his best known artworks are the Cardinal Ó Fiaich Memorial Gospel Book in Maynooth, the British Airways ‘Celtic style’ tailfin and reconstructed pages from the 8th century Faddanmore Psalter in the National Museum , Dublin.