The Amergin Samhain Poetry: Éigse na Samhna Celebrating contemporary Irish Poetry where Irish Poetry first came ashore


When we made the final decision to hold the Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering from 28th to 31st October, we did so on the understanding that most, if not all, of the Covid 19 restrictions would have been by then lifted. As you know, concern among the authorities has led to the decision to pause the lifting of some restrictions. While we have decided to go ahead with the festival, we are determined to ensure that it will not contribute in any way to further spreading the virus.

For the safety and peace of mind of everybody, we ask that all participants and attendees at the Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering have a full vaccination certificate (or evidence of recent recovery from the virus) available for inspection. We also ask that all participants and attendees wear a mask, except for readers and performers during their events. Our seating arrangements at the events will reflect the need for social distancing.

We are confident that we can have an enjoyable and memorable festival, even under these circumstances. However, we realise that the circumstances may, for some people, diminish the enjoyment of the festival. Anybody who has purchased tickets for readings or workshops, but who does not now wish to attend, should contact us to arrange a refund.

Looking forward to seeing you in Waterville. Bígí linn faoi scáth na filíochta!

Amergin Steps Online

am wind on sea...

am gaeth i m-muir...

mé gaoth ar muir...

Ireland's newest poetry festival celebrating our oldest poem. Bí Linn !

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